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    I’m not sure if this is where I submit a prayer request. As, I was scrolling on my IG I saw that that Pastor West was asking if anyone needed prayer to submit a request. I’m really happy that I saw this I really need pastor West to intercede. My prayer is for a new job, I feel like its time to move on after 22 years at my job I feel like I’m not going no where. I don’t feel valued at all, I wake up in tears every morning feeling down. I’m just really tired of feeling this way, don’t get me wrong I’m grateful that I have a job and I really like what I do. I’m really tired of giving my all and no one sees what I do, the only thing that keeps me going is that I get up for the Lord. I am the type of person that always puts everyone head of me even in prayer. So I feel so guilty asking for prayer when I know someone out there needs it more then me. Thank you so much for taking time out to reading my prayer request.

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    I greet you all in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour, I’d like everyone who’s reading this to please pray with me to get a job. I have been unemployed for 2 years and I’m tired of all this suffering. I don’t want to go back home as i feel like I won’t survive.

    Thank you all. ❤️

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    Princely Baskararaj

    Hello Pastor West,

    I have a prayer request for my financial freedom, relationships problems, family issues and inner peace.

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    I was scrolling through my twitter and I saw that Pastor West said to drop our prayers requests. I’d like to pray for my mom. She’s been working hard on the same job for over 20 years but she’s underpaid, overworked and under apprecited. As a family, we’re really grateful to God because the job has sustained our family all these years but we know it’s time for something new. We’ve been praying for a new job for her, she has sent out several applications over the last couple of years and a couple more this year. Our faith is unshakeable that God will do this new job for her and I’d just like to ask that you join your prayer with ours. Her applications will yield positive returns and while we wait on God for this answer, our faith and trust in Him will not be moved.

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    I saw Pastor West’s call for prayer requests on twitter. I’m not sure if this is where to drop the requests but I’m going to do so anyway. My sister graduated last year and I’ll also be graduating this year from the university by the grace of God. We’ve been working on applications for jobs and sending them out and we’ve really put a lot of work into this. We believe and trust God that he’ll make all things work together for our good because we love him and we’re not just putting together good applications but we’re also entrusting the applications into God’s hands. We’d like to ask that you pray with us for our job applications to work out and for us to get the jobs so that we can become independent and take off strain from our parents’ finances this year.
    We believe that God will do this and He will take all the glory.

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