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Life can be hard as we live in a fallen world. Because sin entered the world in the garden of Eden, man is susceptible to feelings of anxiety, depression, shame, and guilt. God provides us with His instructions for life through His Word, The Bible. Biblical counseling allows us to apply God’s word to the hurting soul. The goal of this ministry is to help believers, who are hurting, find total healing in Jesus Christ, the Blessed Redeemer..


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Why is FEMINC Starting a Counseling Ministry?
Mental health needs have been on the rise for years, and as a result, there are often not enough counselors available for the needs.But even more than the pressing need for more support, we recognize that there is a great need for counselors who offer help from a biblical worldview. In our moments of greatest suffering and sorrow, we need hope that is rooted in what is true about God, ourselves, and the world he created. FEMINC Church Counseling exists to offer real hope in the middle of life’s hardships.
Who Will FEMINC Counseling Serve?
Individuals, couples, and families that attend FEMINC Church and it’d global community.
What Kinds of Counseling Issues Will the FEMINC Counseling Address?
We envision people coming to our counseling center for many different reasons and struggles. Some we expect to regularly address include:  Depression  Fear and anxiety  Marriage and family issues  Anger  Relational conflict  Guilt and shame  Grief and loss  Eating disorders/body image  Abuse  Obsessive and compulsive behaviors  Addictions  Gender/sexuality  Loneliness
Who Will Provide the Counseling?
Our senior pastor serves as our Level 1 counselor. He has taken courses in religion, holds a Masters degree in ministry, and is earning his doctorate from Liberty University. All of our Level 2 counselors have been trained in Christ-centered counseling.
What is the Fee for Counseling?
Level 1 counselors have a one-time administrative fee of $50. There is a suggested donation of $75/session for individual counseling and $105/session for marriage/family counseling. We offer scholarships for anyone experiencing financial barriers. To inquire about a financial scholarship, email
How Will the Counseling Center be Different from Other Clinics/Counseling Centers?
We will only be utilizing Christ-centered, biblically based counseling. Though some of our professional counselors may be licensed, our counselors will not be operating under professional licenses.
I’m Interested in FEMINC Counseling Ministry. How Do I Go About that?
The most direct pathway toFEMINC Counseling is to start by taking our INTAKE FORM

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